Thursday, 25 May 2017

Eastern Palace One Sheet Wonder

I absolutely love my one sheet wonders they really do fill me with joy and I adore the amount we can get from 12"x12" x 
This template is so easy to work from each square is 0.5" 

Each number represents the card number although Number 8 made two cards as the pattern didnt flow right to allow the 4 on one I actually got 22 from this sheet
all mat layers are 1/4" more so you have a 1/4" border around each panel

Card 1
measures 2"x2" 

Card 2
 measures 4.5"x1" 

Card 3
Measures 5.5"x2"

Card 4
Measures 1"x1"

Cards 5 & 6
4.5"x3" then cut from opposite corners to have 2 matching diagonal panels

Card 7
4.5"x 0.5"

Card 8 (&22)
These were going to be one card but due to the pattern they went different directions and didnt look right so I chose to make 2 cards x
2"x2" cut from corner to corner 

Card 9
Measures 3"x1"

Card 10 
again I cut this from corner to corner to give me two panels 

Card 11
Measures 4"x1"

Card 12
Measures 2"x1"

Card 13
Measures 3"x1"

Card 14
Measures 1"x1" (the 4th one is inside)

Card 15

Card 16

Card 17

Card 18

Card 19
4.5"x1" (I cut this strip in two and made it appear to be the full length of the card with placing the plain panel over the center

Card 20
3"x3" cut from corner to corner

Card 21

Full 22 Cards
Accents and embellishments were from the Blossom Bunch Punch, Eastern Medallions Framelits, Eastern Beauty Stamp Set for the sentiments and the added stamping.
Rhinestones Clear coloured using promarkers in Green and Blue to co-ordinate.

Hope this little run through shows how simple it is to maximize your paper supplies.

Thanks for stopping by Karen xxx

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Where I have been!!!!

I have been in a real dark space and have sought help but sadly they have no funds to care for me at home, Only through Clinics and sadly with my agoraphobia clinics and things is unsuitable for me without being highly medicated. I am just going to need to plod on and hope divine intervention intercepts and lifts some of the darkness x 

Home has been BUSY x 
Jordan has brought himself a lot more bother with breaking his curfew 7-7 so he is most likely going to be remanded, but if that happens then so be it, I am just so tired of all the court drama hanging over our heads. But other than breaking the curfew he has done well and stuck within the law and kept his nose clean.
Jayden has had a birthday this week also, he was 11yrs old on the 10th May where has the time been going?
Hes a lovely lad, spoiled and gets away with a lot due to him being the baby but he is so caring and is loving and I am so thankful he is so gentle x 
I had a migraine on Sunday Night and he came home from my parents (he had spent the weekend there) and came upstairs and gave me a cuddle and just a hug helps sometimes.
He wanted to buy his own things and from Ebay, it was his choices, So we gave him £50 and my parents and my sister gave him £20 each so he had £90 to buy what he wanted online he bought a lot of things online that he was looking for 
PS3 Minecraft Complete Story Game
PS3 Lego Avengers Game
PS3 2K17 WWE Game
PS3 WWE Legends Game
New Charger for his DS
Another Fidgit Spinner
2 T/Shirts
Transfer Paper (I am going to print on them and put them on the t/shirts)
WWE Hardback Encyclopedia

He also got more money £20 from my brother and SIL, £10 from my parents friend and £1 from Jordans Friend, £4 from one of Ians customers, and my neighbour who also gave him £10 
Jayden is well liked and a polite, funny wee character and VERY sociable, everyone seems to like his company which as his parent makes me very proud.
Some Recent photos he got his hair cut (his own choice superman on one side and batman on the other)

In my parents house with Buddie (my sisters dog)

Playing Lego with my neighbour/Friends son Joey x

Craftwise I have been using a lot of Stampin' Up! 
SU also have a Birthday Wishes Challenge which is for charity for Ronald McDonald House,
they want 10,000 cards in the UK so far I have 89 made from me alone x it is such an amazing charity that it is imperative to support them x
my personal aim is 100 which I will do easily so might need to move the goal to 150 x these will be for Team Scrimpy x 

Most of these have been made using one sheet wonders I will talk it through here in a future post, but I have a video on my youtube HERE
here are some samples of the cards I have been making recently.

Anyway hopefully get back to blogging regularly and let you see my work x 

Lots of Love and Crafty Hugs Karen xx

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Guest Design Team for Fernli Designs January 2017

I have had a bad few weeks health wise but Lou from Fernli Designs sent me out a massive box of products to work on and I just loved working with them all x 
I have chosen a few items and I want to share them with you now x
A project share video is live now HERE on my youtube Channel

First up
I made this Basic Open Top Box
which I am now using to store my tools and things in and I adore it, the size is just perfect.
This I also have a tutorial on which is available to watch here

I primed the box initially with american decor acrylic paint which is a chalk finish and the colour was Lace, I then chose the papers from Floral Muse by Dovercraft and adhered them with mod podge, 
I used 2 different pages of the paper one is a larger floral design with butterflies and the other is a smaller floral design pattern which I used on the 2 short sides 
and the full inside of the box including the base,
The outside I kept very minimal design wise as I knew it was going to be used for a functional purpose and didnt want it to get grubby and have bits getting in the way, so I chose a 2" Lace and to disguise the seam I added a sage green coloured satin ribbon, where the ribbon joins I have added a small flower applique, and the center is a small green flat back pearl. Around all the edges I used Inka gold in the colour old silver which is a very pale champagne type colour I also used that along the top edged of the box. I love how it turned out.

Next up is the Tooth Box (Is adorable)

This is the design when you build it
(this picture is © Fernli Design)

This box is being made specifically to hold my grans wedding ring
which is something I cannot wear as my fingers arent as nimble as my grans were,

Anyway lets talk you through what I did once I had built the box
was painted it using Artiste Acrylic paint in the colour Linen 
I then used a small floral design paper (I have no idea where I got it I think it must have been a freebie with a magazine as it was only a small a6 size piece) but I used it to line the outside of the box and also the inside bottom side of the lid and the base of the box
I then chose a small gathered lace and added 2 layers of that and a strand of 6mm cream flatback pearl trim, for the top to decorate I used 3 flowers which I dipped in a solution of pearl spray I made myself from water, alcohol ink (cant remember which colour) and pink gumball perfect pearl powder.
it has gave the flowers a lovely subtle pearl shade in pink very understated just stunning.
I then cut an applique and used 3 leaves and added them next to the small cluster.
I then to finish it off added the sage green accent around the rims I used artiste acrylic paint in the colour sage to get this effect, I think it has worked out perfect.

Then we have my mixed media project
Artist Palette made into a decorative plaque,
I painted the whole palette with American Decor Paint in LACE (the colour)
I then added a thick layer of Dreamweaver crackle paste and left it to dry for 24hrs (doesnt need that long but I had other projects to do so gave it the extra time to set properly)
I then added the napkins with mod podge and then using my finger soaked in mod podge to make it slick I made sure the napkin was worked in properly to the cracks and that once dry they would be visible the napkin once dry was very dark print in places so using the same paint I used for the base coat I added a little bit to water and gave some of the napkin a wash with the watered down paint to tone it down a bit and it worked beautifully. I then took 2 hearts also from Fernli and a butterfly from my stash and added paper to them and sparkled 2 of them up the small heart I used stardust stickles and then a layer of glossy accents to seal it, and the butterfly I used ice crystal glamour dust glitter paint and again sealed it with glossy accents.
the larger heart I didnt coat as I wanted different textures and feel to the whole project.
I decided to accent the project using the same Green as the tooth box Artiste Acrylic paint in Sage Colour, I added that to the clock hands which I then adhered using a stickpin, that I pierced through the palette and bent the pin on the back it worked out perfect. the center of the stick pin I added a white flatback pearl. I also painted the outed rim of the palette and all the wooden bits (hearts and butterfly) I then again watered down a touch of the sage paint and added touches of it to the napkin just to add some more definition to the background.
I chose flowers from my stash in pale cream, white and a soft peach and clustered them some around the hearts and a larger cluster at the bottom opposite corner I added some leaf appliques to that just for the softer look and feel. I then used the ice crystal glamour dust glitter paint and added some sparkle to the flowers.
The tag I used a stamping up paper in a colour that blended with the colour I used as my accent, I chose some sage seam binding and made a small bow, I added a small white satin bow on top and finally added an acrylic leaf and beading trim to the top just as a little more decoration.
This was a LONG project and took me 3 days stopping and starting to complete it as I did do it in stages. But I adore it and the sentiment I chose as it tied in the butterflies (which are my favorite) and the time, it was just perfect.

Lastly we have for now....
The Glue storage tray
I used papers from floral muse, and the paint was latte from Artiste Acrylic I coated the inside 
the paper on the top I sanded back LOTS as I wanted that very worn and distressed look that just works perfectly, I added the inka gold in Old Silver to the edges and around all the circles and then buffed them all x it worked out beautiful, it has no added lace or trims because it is a very functional item and I fully intend on it being well used. 

I hope you enjoy all these products please do pop over and place an order with Fernli, it is a family run business which has amazing customer service and AMAZING prices.

Lots of love and crafty hugs Karen xx